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Battling villainous mice, snakes, and turkeys with your fists is highly ineffective. Without the aid of technology, humans in Faldon just can't compete. So it's vital to know how to equip swords, armor, and wear shoes, and how to make your character drink healing potions.

Using your inventory is straightforward. Switch to the inventory tab, and right click an object to use it. Equipping and de-equipping items is only slightly more complex. On the right side of the inventory tab, there is a picture of your character. Left click it. This will bring up the equipment window. To equip something, left click it, then move the red targeting cursor that shows up and is now attached to the item you've selected to the corresponding equipment slot (alternatively, equipping items can be done by right clicking, just like for normal items). To de-equip something, left click its icon on the equipment screen. If you want to get information about an item you have equipped, right click its icon on the equipment screen.

There are times when you may run out of space in your inventory, and will need to reorganize by shuffling items around and dropping ones you don't need. It's easy to move items. Left click the item you want to move, move the mouse to where you want it to go, and left click again. Dropping items is equally simple. Left click the item you want to drop, and move the mouse into the game area. Then left click again. If you have more than one of the item, a window will pop up to let you choose how many you would like to drop. If you only have one, the item will be dropped onto the ground without any questions.