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Nearly all powerful warriors in Faldon are skilled Berserkers. An unusually high percentage of mages cast spells. Some folks are Alchemists, some are Thieves. Even if you don't explicitly use them, your character will gain skill in a couple abilities just through normal play (for instance, Tactics raises by fighting with a weapon). Still, it's good to be able to access the much greater number of skills which have to be selected to use.

Selecting a spell is simple. Switch to the spell tab, and right click the icon of the spell you want to cast. Now right click a target. Assuming you have enough mana, the spell will either cast or fizzle, depending on random chance and how high your magic skills are1.

For skills, switch to the skill tab, right click the icon of the skill you want to use (note: icons for skills are the tiny things to the left of the skill name), and right click a target. Just like spells! There are a few exceptions, however. Creation skills, such as Alchemy and Cooking, have an additional step. After right clicking a target, which for creation skills can be anything, a window will pop up. This window will let you select what you want to make, and type in the quantity you want to produce. Up to ten of an item may be produced at a time. Once you've made your selections, click the button labeled 'Okay'.

You may have noticed that it takes quite a bit of time to scroll through all your spells and skills and choose the one you want. The shortcut bar, on the right side of the interface, can help you out for commonly used spells and skills, and it works for potions and other inventory items too. To put a spell, skill, or item in the shortcut bar, left click it. Your cursor will turn into what you just clicked, along with a red targeting cursor. Now, move the cursor over to one of the eight slots on the right so that the red targeting cursor is over the desired slot. Left click again, and it's in. Each slot of the shortcut bar is hot-keyed to a number key from 1 to 8, and can be selected (or used, in the case of potions) by that key.