Proxy Settings and Patcher error 503
Posted by JuZa (comments).

It has recently come to our attention that there's some malware out there that will mess up proxy settings in your browser(s). This can cause you an error (most likely a 503 error) and wont allow you to connect to the patch server.
Your proxy settings can be changed by spy/mal ware; and can cause a world of frustration, like not being able to connect to the internet through Firefox, or IE, or whatever you use. This can also ruin things in other programs, like the Faldon patcher.

To actually get rid of the infection you will probably have to get some sort of anti malware tool, there's plenty of them out there but we suggest you use MBAM, Malware byes' Anti malware, there's a free version and it seems to be good enough.

You can find more information about MBAM here, if you already have this installed and it does not let you run it, restart your PC, and when the PC is booting, press F8 and then select start in safe mode and run the scan until it is finishes and cleans out your PC and then restart and all should be well.
(direct link to download this program for free version:

Now to clean up some of the browser settings and actually fix the patcher error.

Firefox (this does not solve the problem with the patcher but will clean up Firefox)
If you are using Mozilla Firefox and cannot get on to the internet.
Go to the top tool bar, click Tools
Then click Options,
In the window that should appear now go to the Advanced tab, then it will show a tab saying connection.
Click that and there should be a label that says something like 'Change the way Firefox connects to the internet', click the Settings button, and then it will have check selection boxes, make sure that auto detect proxy settings is checked. Then hit OK, you may have to restart Firefox, but you probably can just refresh the page.

Internet Explorer
If you are using Internet Explorer and can't get on the internet (these settings here DO affect the patcher).
Click the Tools menu
Then click Internet options
In the window that should appear now there should be a tab called Advanced
If there is no proxy settings options there just hit the Restore advanced settings, or Restore Internet Explorer settings to default values and restart Internet Explorer.

This should have fixed the problem with the patcher, if you have any questions please post them on the forum.
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