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Third Party Software

Tareim's macro
This is a safe to use macro utility. You are allowed to use it as long as you don't use it while you're AFK.



Faldon Wikia
Wikia for all of Faldons information. Guides, macro scripts, quest walkthroughs and much more. I invite the community to create pages on the Wikia to extend the database! Created by Haggy (Rob). by Xixao
This has many great screenshots of the "desert-client" version of Faldon.

Listing of all prefixes and suffixes
It seems like this is no longer included on the main site so here it is, a list of all prefixes and suffixes and the effect that they have on items.

New Faldon Community [Reddit]
Feel free to use for trades, screenshots, suggestions, general Faldon related discussion, competitions etc.

  • Free play online
  • Action style combat
  • Skill and level-based advancement
  • No class restrictions

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