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Hello everyone,

I have closed my old guide site and created a wikia.
The wikia is friendlier to use and it will be updated more than the other one.

Users of the wikia can submit their own pages and create more variety in the guides and tips and tricks for Faldon. Do not hesitate to add any information available you feel like you miss on the website. Please contribute to the wikia and help it grow so it can help new players! And ofcourse it will provide the handy skill guides for all players.

Mister Rob, Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Christmas event 2015

"Oh dear, some corrupted elves have stolen a large amount of Santa's presents this year. The hopes of many children will be crushed and plenty of tears will be shed, when the stockings remain empty...

The elves are fleeing into the forests surrounding Valour, stop them before they escape to another realm! You will return all the stolen presents to Santa, right? And make the children happy? ... Right?"

The Christmas event of 2015 will run from December 24th till December 30th. Peasants and Citizens alike can participate. The rewards for your efforts will distributed among participants using the Need, Greed, Pass looting system. We hope you will enjoy it.

The entire Faldon staff wishes you all a Merry Christmas.

Mr Spy, Monday, December 21, 2015

Magma golem spawn and a new looting system

This week a magma golem spawn has been added back to the game. The magma golem spawns once every few days in an area South of where the Idol (the Undead deity) is located.

The magma golem uses the new Need, Greed, Pass looting system to distribute the loot it drops. More details about the looting system can be found here (Português (Brasil)).

Mr Spy, Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Come help Midas

Midas, the popular merchant for those who have managed to acquire some rare elven gold, has been robbed! An evil witch named Haggy (how original...) has commanded her followers to dig an underground tunnel to Midas' vault in the bank of Midgard. They took off with a significant amount of elven gold. Rumour has it that Haggy has found a way to use the magical properties of the elven gold for her dark activities. Midas and his guards have managed to secure the vault but Haggy is still out there.

Do you dare to retaliate? She is a formidable opponent with powerful summoning spells and a group of fiercely loyal followers. Be sure to bring a good team if you plan to take her down. If you are successful, may very well recover some of that stolen elven gold...

- For more information talk to Midas (he lives in Midgard),
- Level 150+ is advised,
- This challenge can be repeated,
- Highscores of participants will be kept.

Mr Spy, Saturday, March 21, 2015

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  • No class restrictions

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