Corrupted maps
Posted by Mr Spy (comments).

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a map can get corrupted and will leave you with something like you as described in this topic.

To fix this you can download MapFeex. MapFeex will make the client repatch the sectors of the map that got corrupted.

How to use it:
-Run the program (on Vista/Win7 you may need to run it as admin),
-If you have Faldon installed in any of the default locations and didn't give the folder any weird names the program will automatically find your Faldon directories for you. If it can't find the install directories it will prompt you to select the directory manually.
-Select the right Faldon installation directory (you should normally only have one anyway),
-Log on Faldon and go to the area with the corrupted sectors,
-Alt tab to MapFeex and click "Find active clients",
-Select the right process (it's probably only one),
-Click "Mark nearby sectors for patching",
-Go back to Faldon and either switch maps or relog and go back to the area with the corrupted sectors, it should repatch them now.

This tool hasn't been tested thoroughly so if you find a bug please notify Mr Spy.
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